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Timber Infestation Services

Timber Infestation

With extensive experience in the remedial treatment business, Advance Property Preservation Ltd has the expertise to protect your property from the issues of timber infestation.

With the existence of wood worm or other types of beetle infestation is usually discovered by the appearance of holes within the surface of the timber, the size of the hole, its shape and type of timber will enable our surveyor to identify the type of infestation. We can eliminate all types of wood infestations, and will provide you with the advice you need to protect your property.

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Professional and reliable timber treatments • Brushing of timber preservatives on the wooden surface • Spraying of organic water-based and water-borne preservatives • Injection of paste preservatives

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With us, you also get domestic and commercial damp proofing solutions such as condensation control, rising and penetrating damp control, dry and wet rot elimination and cellar and vault tanking services. You can count on our 2 decades of professional expertise in the damp proofing industry to give you quality services. Read what our customers have to say about our services. Contact Advance Property Preservation Ltd professionals to arrange for a dampness survey and diagnosis of your property.