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Dry & Wet Rot Services

Dry & Wet Rot

We would recommend the most cost effect and necessary treatment for repairs. Our experts are fully trained to identify the source of the problem and after a diagnosis will isolate and eliminate it from its source.

It is vitally important to identify between wet rot decay and dry rot. There are numerous types of wet rot which unlike dry rot cannot move away from its moisture source to any significant degree and is therefore less complicated to deal with.

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Identifying wet rot, dry rot and woodworm

Dry rot:
• Wood shrinks, darkens and cracks in a ‘cuboidal’ manner
• Produces a musky moist mushroom like odour
• Fruiting orange bodies with orangey-ochre surface
• Rust red coloured spore dust, seen around fruiting bodies

Wet rot:
• Dark black and brown threads sprouting from wood
• Small silky white strands often appear under floor coverings, which can be easily rubbed away
• Timber shrinks and cracks

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• Damp proofing and condensation control
• Control of rising and penetrating damp and specialist replastering
• Waterproof tanking for basement, cellars and vaults
• Timber infestation and dry and wet rot treatment
• Cavity drain membrane installation
• Surveys and diagnosis of all issues related to structural dampness
• Commercial and domestic projects